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iTechSolv encompasses six-phase approach to information system security - structured for your success:


1.        Prepare

         Policy Review and Assessment

         Network Architecture Design Assessment


2.        Discover

         Identify & Prioritize Information Asset ( tangible and non-tangible )

         Identify Owner and / or Custodian


3.        Assess


3.1 Vulnerability Assessment

         Identify and characterized vulnerability

         look for exploitable situations created by lack of adequate security

         Vulnerability vs. Risk ( confidentiality, integrity and/or availability )

3.2 Intrusion / Penetration Testing


4.       Identify & Prioritize


         Threat Identification

         Identify intention & capabilities of threat

         Identify threat history

         Prioritize security issues in the way that makes the most sense to the business

         Asset Value to Business Needs


5.       Mitigate & Eliminate Root Cause


         Creates a security roadmap which clearly represents the risks

         Implement risk management strategies to reduce those risks.

         Reducing the exposure through security countermeasures ( People,Process,and Technology )


6.       Monitor and Measure


         Continuous process risk profile

         Develop risk-aware concept that understand, validate and implement safeguard

         Continuous monitor for policy violation




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