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Have your computer system behaviors acting strangely as such :


  •           "I opened an e-mail attachment and nothing happened; now my machine is acting funny."

  •           "I browsed some websites and my computer is much slower than before"

  •           "My internet connection speed is very slow and maybe need to upgrade but I have just upgraded recently"

  •           "I received e-mail replies from contacts asking why I have sent them an .exe, .zip or other attachment, which I never sent."

  •           "My antivirus software has stopped working and the computer keeps shutting down!"

  •           "A bunch of files I have never seen before are all over the My Documents folder."


Your computer system may have malware infestation. iTecSolv’s Managed Malware Cleanup Service alleviates your headache in guessing whether your network is infest with malware outbreak. Leave it to iTechSolv’s security expertise to confirm malware infection and help your organization in cleaning up. iTechSolv’s Managed Malware Cleanup Service ensures in-depth complete malware removal to prevent your system still infected or susceptible to some malware mechanism. This could expose your network to potential security threat of malware re-infection and infect other computer system.


ITechSolv Managed Malware Onsite Cleanup encompass the following :





Malware Onsite Cleanup

Data Sheet  



q       Identify and discover malware in network

q       Identify illegitimate Windows processes of computer system




q       Run antivirus and antispyware tools that track and fix virus and spyware infestations.

q       Fix window registry to prevent re-infestation

q       Generates summaries and detailed administrative reports that show infection and clean up status enterprise-wide




q       Reducing attack surface : stopping all unnecessary applications and processes

q       Applying security updates

q       Install host-based firewall

q       Hosts Vulnerability Testing

q       Install antivirus and anti-spyware programs

q       Window Registry hardening for PCs and hosts

q       Provision of security advise to security policy, least privileges policies




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