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iTechSolv adopt proactive defense-in-dept approach that goes beyond perimeter security to protect customers information system assets with zero-day vulnerability. iTechSolv alleviates the headaches associated with managing anti-virus functionality and assures your company will be ready when a virus attacks. Computer viruses are responsible for hundreds of millions of lost dollars and countless hours of lost productivity - we can help your organization prevent virus incidents before they can do similar damage.


ITechSolv managed Malware Outbreak Prevention Suite deliver the following benefits to your organization :

q       Maximised return from IT investment


Malware OPS Data Sheet  


q       Customers free to concentrate on core

            business activities

q       Systems managed by IT specialists

q       Access to a highly skilled team of consultants

q       Improved efficiency of systems operations

q       Guaranteed service levels to users

q       Known costs hence easier budgeting

q       Single point of contact for the vast majority of IT needs

q       Bandwidth hijacking prevention.

q       Minimise or eliminate worms, virus, malicious code remediation.

q       Ensure business continuity and reduce system downtime.

q       Reduce costs and administration overhead

q       Improve performance of PCs and hosts



ITechSolv Managed Malware Outbreak Prevention Suite encompass the following :


q       Centralized Management of antivirus pattern files update, virus outbreak monitoring and reporting, remote client antivirus installation

q       Centralized Outbreak Policy download & deployment

q       Identify and locate sources of infected malware PCs in the network

q       Malware detection, protection and remedy for PCs and hosts.

q       Automate antivirus pattern files update.

q       Real-time Malware and Grayware Outbreak Monitoring.

q       Remote Scan/Fix infected PCs and hosts in the network.

q       Generate Health check and Remediation report monthly.

q       Advance Warning and Notification of Malware and Grayware outbreak



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