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Network Consulting, Design, Planning and Integration : Our broadest set of offerings, from the planning and design of simple to highly fault-tolerant networks, we can provide you with a complete solution. These services include planning, design, implementation and support of simple systems to highly fault-tolerant networks. We offer a complete solution, including acquisition and integration and support of hardware and software systems running Windows and Unix. Our LAN/MAN/WAN expertise ranges from wireless to secure, gigabit-based firewalled systems.

Project Management : Collaboration is key to any successful project. iTechSolv brings a talent pool of consultants and industry experts to work side-by-side with the client to address the full scope of challenges specific to each unique project. This synergy helps us to develop unique points of view and perspectives that translate into new strategies, services, and cost saving solutions. Every project we engage in begins with a hand-off meeting and the assignment of a personalized project manager. This personalized approach gives our clients a single point of contact that assures clear communication channels between our company and yours. Our Project Management methodology translates into streamlined production cycles, decreased costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

Network Infrastructure Services : Design and implementation of structured Category 5e/6 cabling, wireless and fiber-optic systems, and rack-based solutions from small offices, to enterprise level systems. All iTechSolv Infrastructure Services are tested, and certified according to ANSI\EIA\TIA standards, and carry warranty for workmanship.

Network security : Many companies are becoming increasingly sensitive about unauthorised access to their networks. iTechSolv offers security access systems that will block all external system hacking and report all attempts to gain unauthorised access to the client’s network.

Electronic mail : iTechSolv has considerable experience in the design and installation of electronic mail systems, with particular specialisation in Microsoft Exchange. iTechSolv also has experience with remote access to internal mail systems and the migration from legacy mail systems to Microsoft Exchange.

Wireless Networks : iTechSolv has considerable experience in the implementation and maintenance of wireless based networks. Wireless networks provide customer staff with computing ‘mobility?which increases employee productivity. Wireless networks are also used to ‘bridge?buildings where it is not practical to use conventional wiring systems. iTechSolv provides consultancy and implementation assistance for all forms of wireless networks including laser based Optical Wireless or Free Space Optics ( FSO ).

Network Relocation : iTechSolv has assisted a number of clients with office relocation. iTechSolv will switch off the network in the old location, move the equipment and ‘switch on?the network in the new location with a minimum of disruption to normal office functions.

Preventive maintenance and System management : iTechSolv engineers perform a variety of system health checks. This process identifies potential problems before they occur. Potential capacity bottlenecks are identified in advance and reported to management to allow investment decisions to be made in a planned manner.

IP Telephony : We specialize in today's leading computer-based telephony and voice-over IP systems. Our IP telephony offerings include state of the art solutions from leading vendors.

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